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Darren Ambler Savannah GA/ Cherry Hill- NJ:, New Jersey

First Name : Darren
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 40
City : Savannah GA/ Cherry Hill- NJ:
State : NJ
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (215)681-7799
Alias 1 : Damen
Alias 2 : D Ambler
Alias 3 : na
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

Ladies Beware of this Sociopath- S*x addict. Darren Ambler will hurt anyone in his path. Sexually indiscreet and highly demanding. Not a decent moral human being. A cold selfish uncaring monster addicted to P***O- S*X- L**T- LYING and CONTROLLING others through Intimidation and very bad s*x. Obsessed with Oral S*X and Vulgar Sexual positions. Loves Dirty Talk and is quite Obsessive. A Vulgar and very HOMELY man. Thinks only of HIMSELF. Self-obsorbed- Selfish- Immoral- Demanding- mentally sick. Has had affairs which included intensive s*x with females in their 60’s. A sick obsession of Mr. Ambler. Exhibits Abnormal BEHAVIORS.

Avoid this PREDATOR at all costs. A sick Vial Jerk. USELESS. UGLY inside and out. Anti social personality. Inferiority complex- rejection reaction. Divorced- mentally demented. Craves S*X and Excitement Loves CONTROL and is mentally unstable- getting worse. Never admits wrong doing. Now resides in Cherry Hill NJ. Address also found in or outside of Savannah GA……………………………………………….recovering drug addict. Distrustful- uncaring- hateful – Obsessed with Nudity- oral s*x and Pornographic acts. No MORALS SCRUPLES of any kind. Dirt- Scum BAG. Pharmacist by trade..Employed in Southern NJ>

One thought on “Darren Ambler Savannah GA/ Cherry Hill- NJ:, New Jersey

  1. In other words this dude is a Narcicist sociopath? That is typical among those obsessed with s*x and maintaining multiple s*x partners. This guy is sick because he is not interested in “feelings” or a comitted relationship. Maybe he doesn’t know how to be comitted to one person and maintain a happy family life. If that is true then this guy needs to remain alone so he doesn’t continue hurting others and messing up their life- that is not fair. He is probably afraid of comittment because he can’t handle it. I am not saying engaging in multiple dirty s*x relationships is the answer. That will lead to nothing buy misery for all parties involved. If that is what this person desires then he needs to make that known and no leading females on. Plus- He should seek out only Prostitutes and women who want a little on the side. “No strings attached”. Frankly- I was raised to realize that kind of behavior is immoral and unacceptable. But obviously this dude is not bothered by Moral Values or lack of Moral Values on his part. If that is true this dude could never be in a relationship that requires Morality- Trust- Care- LOVE and 100% Devotion. PERIOD. Yes- we think his behavior is very wrong most people would. However- He wants to live this way- that is his choice. But he must realize he will lose any friends or aquaintenances that have any level of decency or morality. Decent people will not want to be in his company for good reason. My opinion- Leave this disturbed dude alone to sleep with whomever he wants. It takes two to tango and two to make a decision to have S*X. If a women is dumb enough to let this jerk con her into his bed, well then she deserves exactly what she gets. There is such a thing as Pride, Respectability, Personal Choice and simply saying NO because something is wrong. A respectable “LADY” would not hop into bed with this S*x Crazed Idiot. If he does not mind s******g and dating the low class female with little to no breeding or culture then he should not change one thing. Maybe he feels comfortable with the lower class. It certainly places this guy under less pressure- criticism and expectation. You don’t need to worry about ALERTING or protecting so called “Nice Girls” about this Darrin person. Nice Girls with sense and a reasonable level of intelligence “WOULD NEVER” have S*X with this mental case let alone date him. There is no need for anyone to try to protect the “Class” of person that is suited to go to bed with this troubled man. Because obviously the women that agrees to have S*X with this disturbed person is probably as lonely and disturbed therefore the two are an EXCELLENT if not a PERFECT match. Speaking for myself, I would realize within about a minute or less what kind of guy this Darrin really is. Once I made the realization about what this dude is all about and what he wants- it would be “SPLITZVILLE” time for me. I have common sense, intelligence, respectability, morality and a strong sense of what makes one tick. No Chace in H**l this jerk would charm me, fool me or entice me. Thank you for your concern about the female population. Again- anyone who requires to be warned about this guy is probably a suitable match Sexually and in every way. Otherwise- the good girls would avoid Darrin and everythig he stands for IMMEDIATELY. Darrin would make a FOOL of himself if he tried to Intelligent well bread female into a sexual affair. Aint happening!

    This dude probably is not dumb. I am sure he knows he has NO CHANCE with an intelligent- wise- moral and well mannered female. I have criteria that i have followed for years which helped me choose the right guy when dating and when marrying. I must say it served me well. I never dated insecure guys. I would never date guys who had a drug or alcohol program (previously or otherwise). Guys with poor taste in casual or dress attire are scratched off my list immediatley. I stayed away from Introverts or anti-social men (usually they have issues and tend to be perverted). I tended to be attracted to very handsome men with an interest in their body and Physical fitness. Never dated a guy that lived with his parents after age 25. Would never date a man who was not a successful professional with a high net worth. He must be organized and sensible. He must defend my honor when necessary (no excuses or exceptions), He must have manners and be educated. Must be a Christian. Well I think my criteria helped me choose one of the best husbands in the world. Can’t reveal his name here but he is Truely my “PRINCE CHARMING”>.

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