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Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

First Name : Darren
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 40
City : Cherry Hill
State : NJ
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (215)681-7799
Alias 1 : Darren Ambler
Alias 2 : Darren Scott Ambler
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

Darren Ambler..aka Darren Scott Ambler is an Arrogant, Con-Man- Sneak- Liar- S*x Addict- Master Manipulating Psycho. Darren Ambler used me and various other Females for “S*X ONLY”..This Idiot Cons vulnerable females into his bed through manipulation and Control. Darren Ambler has serious Mental problems and a Dangerous Sexual Obsession which included Pornographic acts, Sexual Intercourse, Oral S*x and Serious Emotional Abuse.

Darren Ambler has low-self esteem, is quite Homely, has no personality, a Skinny Gross Body, Horrible bed-room skills, Zero below the belt and Cunning and manipulating motives. He is extremely selfish and spends hi slife Lying, conning and using women to satisfy his Sick Sexual desires and Fantasies. Darren Ambler has serious personality disorder and is a Loner (anti-social)….A former drug addict turned sexual addict. He is a very dangerous person. Desperate for whomever is dumb enough to give him s*x and pleasure. Darren Ambler is a “ZERO” that couldn’t satisfy a women if he tried.

Darren stalked me on line, used and abused me for s*x. Cheated behind my back. Repeatedly lied to me and threatened me if I did not give in to his sick gross s*x games. He loves nudity and sick s*x games. Darren Ambler lives a “DOUBLE LIFE”. He will hurt and destroy anyone whom stands in his way or threatens to expose his Immoralities. Forced oral s*x on me countless times. Darren has no Morals- Scruples- Manners- Social Grace or Self control. He tried to make my life all about S*X S*X S*X – Oral S*x and Prono….He is a sick and depraived huamn being.

Darren caused me Psychological issues due to his abuse and sexual actions. He cheated on me with a 65 year old senior citizen. What a sick and selfish man. Having repeated s*x with a women old enough to be his Mother… SICK Guy!! Darren also had s*x with Gross unrefined females and hookers. I was too good for the scum bag con-man. I have had physical problems including Yeast infections due to Darren Ambler’s multiple s*x lifestyle/ …he is a two timer- LIAR S*X PREDATOR. NO Manners or class……………..Please ladies do not become this Psychos next victim.

Darren moved from Delran NJ to Westbury DR in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Please be on the look out . He will put the moves on anyone desperate to give this dork a second look. he works as a Pharmacist in New Jersey. A no good evil low life with no Ambitions except for S*X PLAY and IMMORALITY; One weekend in 2016 Darren threatened to choke me if I did not perform oral pornographic s*x on him….A horrible experience. His breath is Terrible also. An Ugly geek trying to prove his manhood. He best try harder if the creep wants to prove his alledged Manhood!!

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