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Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

First Name : Darren
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 41
City : Cherry Hill
State : NJ
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (215)681-7559
Alias 1 : Darren Ambler
Alias 2 : Darren Scott Ambler
Alias 3 : Tiny wee wee
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website


Darren Ambler is an evil pathological liar, s*x addict, drug addict, male prostitute with no morality- class- looks- a body like a gross bean pole and his breath stinks to high heaven.
Darren is a liar and immoral male prostitute who exchanged money for s*x numerous times. Darren Ambler seduced Megan Bentzley after he became a part of her Prostitution ring. Darren also had s*x with other females he met on the Internet. Darren will seduce teenagers, middle ages women, seniors, he does not discriminate. He is an ugly Pig with no morals- manners a face that would cause severe vomiting and he has no personality. Darren has probably has s*x with 100 or more females within a short time. Darren prefers Prostitutes like Himself but he will bang anyone. Darren Ambler even seduced a 69 year old female into s*x. Darren is 41 years old and sick as can be.
Darren Ambler thinks he will get away with all of this but no no no- Prostitution is illegal- giving STD’s to others can be Criminal and underage s*x is illegal. Hurray! Ugly ape face may finally pay the price. Darren is a con man and Pathological liar and proud of it. He forced drugs on me and many other helpless females while he ripped off their clothes and practically raped them. Darren must have s*x and drugs to get his daily fix. His routine was to have s*x sometimes 4 times a day. Then drug me and several others before a real session. The drugs were to gain control over us. Darren is an insecure geek who is very hated.
Darren has face that is a real reject – so is his body and he is a busted balloon in the bedroom. He has a micro sized wee wee barely visible. He needs wee wee surgery and a complete facial reconstruction. Other wise he better wear a bag over his ugly face.
Darren’s wife took off- NO wonder. Who could stand an ugly obsessive s*x addicted monkey around them. No one. Darren is a PIG on wheels. He would lie to G*D. He is a menace to society and it would be best if he disappeared or dropped dead. He serves no purpose except to use and abuse women and spread disease. A few of the women nick named Darren- “no a*s” “bang bang” “monkey ”
“crazy darren” and a few more.
BEWARE- stay away from this monkey face creature. He will solicit anyone. Do not accept drugs from him either. Darren is mentally insane and has no conscience. I think he knows he is unattractive and has a bad body. That is why he seduces women to prove his manhood. He better keep trying to prove that. he fell short of proving anything.
Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ: His prostitution services were carried out from a Philadelphia PA location. His drug activity may take place any where. Darren will sleep with anyone. Please keep your mothers. grand mothers, teenage daughters safe from this sick psycho s*x predator. Call POLICE if ugly stalks or solicits you. He is a known stalker also.
Darren Ambler works at Express scripts in Florence NJ. He is a deranged and selfish sociopath who is horrible in bed and has tried numerous times to enlarge and stretch his under developed wee wee to no avail. His breath smells like Thursday night garbage.

2 thoughts on “Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  1. What a disgrace. My G*d is his home a w***e house? I will never understand how any man or women could live like this? Selling your soul, your dignity, self-respect, your health and reputation for what?? What a waste. If a person is that unhappy with their life then maybe they should commit suicide. Selling s*x/ exchange of monies for sexual pleasure is felony crime. Just having s*x with one infected person can cost you your life.

  2. Bad bad boy! If he makes buddy’s with men in jail they will do him special favors get my drift! In jail you learn to go “both ways”. I have the feeling this guy would have no problem making the transition:

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