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Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

First Name : Darren
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 41
City : Cherry Hill
State : NJ
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (215)681-7559
Alias 1 : Darren Ambler
Alias 2 : Darren Scott Ambler
Alias 3 : D Ambler
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

Darren Ambler is a sick Lying Sociopath- Pathological Liar- Sexual Addict, Homely Creep, Stalker, Predator and former Drug Abuser. Darren currently resides at 12 Westbury Road in Cherry Hill Township NJ. He is a person with no self-worth, no self-esteem and no conscience or morality of any kind. His life revolves around seducing Vulnerable Females into his filthy smelly bed. Darren Ambler really thinks he is clever and fools everyone. In reality, Darren is the ONLY FOOL!
Darren Ambler stalked the Internet in search of prey. Darren knows he is limited to what he can get due to his appearance, lack of personality, his mental deranged behavior and his cheapness. Darren leaves much to be desired. He is Homely- cheap and an immoral liar with ZERO CLASS. Dresses like he gets his wardrobe at Good Will. Thick glasses very unattractive.
Darren Ambler seduced me and other lonely vulnerable women into his gross bed. Darren is Gross scrawny body, sunken in chest and he is HORRIBLE in bed, A real “BUSTED BALLOON:
Darren attempts to control females through some very bad S*X. That is all he wants is to use helpless females for intimacy and filthy vulgar acts that only a HOOKER would engage in. Believe me Darren looks better fully clothed. I was foolish and vulnerable and darren abused me and used me to satisfy his selfish L**T. He is a self centered creep with no self-respect dignity and he is a TOTAL IMMATURE WHIMP. I found out his wife left him- no wonder who could stand a LIAR CREEP like Darren Ambler.
Darren is SELFISH only cares about his own LUSTFUL DESIRES. He used me and cheated with a number of One Night Stands and Hookers. That shows how insecure and sick Darren Ambler really is.===================================

Darren would threaten me if I did not perform filthy acts and become his slave. This Immoral Freak gets delight out of controlling females through abusive relations. He is not a man but an insecure Whimp who loves abusing women. He has severe emotional problems. Darren is Obsessive and Compulsive and he would lie to G*D if he had to. He can not be TRUSTED. He lives in fantasy land and takes ZERO responsibility for his actions. No respectable female would ever date this Jerk========================================================Insecure Whimps have one night stands like Darren Ambler- He is so desperate it isn’t even funny. He better take what ever he can get. Darren cheted on me with Hookers and a series of Gross females. I was the exception. I also found out Four eyes even had an intimate affair with a 69 year old female. How sick is that- Intimacy with someone old enough ot be the Jerks Mother? Darren is Vulgar and plain disgusting. He leaves much to be desired. ==================================================BEWARE ladies Darren Ambler stalks the Internet. Stay away from this sick Pathological Predator. He is obsessed with s*x and P*********y. He is quite Homely and skinny. A real turn off. No wonder he has low self esteem. He lives a double life and ha a host of mental problems. A control freak Self centered liar best describes Darren Ambler. Do not let this Liar to con you .
Due to Darren’s infidelities I have been fighting a seriosu STD for a long time. My Physician’s have given me numerous antibitots and Sulfa drugs. The infection still comes back. What a liar two timer Darren Ambler really is. He has no morality- conscience- manners- or self respect. A total GEEK!
Darren works as a Pharmacist for a place called Express RX somewhere in NJ. He never told me much about his job. He used me for intimacy and free lodging. The ugly dork is a cheap skate also BEWARE.

2 thoughts on “Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  1. Sad case. He kind of has a creepy demented look about him. Surely this guy is a Narcissist and extremely insecure. He probably hates himself and he should hate himself. Thanks for the useful information.

  2. Thanks for the information. No worries here- I would not allow this Creep seduce me if he was the last man on earth. I am particular about whom I become involved with. Hope he has his fun with his s***s. If that is all he can attract then that is very SAD. Yes- he has no looks and according to the post he lacks Moral Fiber- Self-Respect- Dignity and i am sure he hates himself. let him screw whomever he can get. One Desperato deserves another.

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