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Daniel Addison Carrollton , Georgia

First Name : Daniel
Last Name : Addison
Gender : M
Age : 43
City : Carrollton
State : GA
Country : US

He will come in and love bomb you and then walk away from you and your family. He has been married 4 times and is a chronic dater. He has little contact with his own children but sees them often enough to get a picture for social media. Beware. You too will be his soulmate.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Addison Carrollton , Georgia

  1. The description doesn’t even start to say what kind of pos he is. He is in love with you and you’re his soulmate one minute and then he walks out on you leaving you holding the bag for everything the next.

  2. Run ladies run!!! He will seem too good to be true and he is. He has nothing! Guitars and lies. He has cheated on every woman he’s ever been with. He will make you think you’re the most beautiful woman and the most perfect woman he’s ever met. All his exes are crazy and they didn’t love him like you do. But in fact all of them are successful, loving and caring.

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