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Curtis Romanowski Freehold, New Jersey

First Name : Curtis
Last Name : Romanowski
Gender : F
Age : 50
City : Freehold
State : NJ
Country : US

This scumbag is Curtis James Romanowski from Freehold, New Jersey. He claims to be the best lawyer in New Jersey, but even Trump would think he’s too slimy to be a qualified attorney. Aside from being a creepy divorce attorney, he spends his free time, of which he must have lots due to his crappy lawyer skills, stalking women he meets online in an attempt to get them into bed by bettering their careers or offering free legal advice. One would think a lawyer would know the definitions of defamation, harassment, and ethics but this guy repeatedly violates all of them and more in his repeated attacks on women. His 151 five star reviews on AVVO are obviously fake as no one is perfect and his reviews on all other sites reference ethics violations, suspension from the bar and a bankruptcy filing after not returning client retainer money. Please help everyone in the tri state area avoid Curtis J. Romanowski and his scumbag behavior so no one else needs to suffer from his abuse.

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