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Crystal Rolfe Nanaimo, –

First Name : Crystal
Last Name : Rolfe
Gender : F
Age : 29
City : Nanaimo
State : -
Country : CA
Phone : (250)797-6311

This is Nanaimo’s leading hoe. She has such low self esteem she will sleep with any guy who will give her the time of day just so she can feel wanted. It’s so nasty and sad. The way the guys who sleep with her talk about her would make you sick. She is also a back stabber and a liar. She cheated on all of her actual boyfriends. Even rode a bus all the way across 3 provinces to cheat on her first born baby daddy. But she showed up with an infections that made her smell like rotting fish so the guy was too grossed out. She loves feeling dirty by getting herself off to doggy p**n. She obviously doesnt know how to clear her browser because she lent her phone to one of the guys she was banging and he found lots of zoophelia sites in her history. To top that all off she lost most of her teeth to drug usage, has herself a couple of fatherless kids and no future. She told a bunch of people she wants to sleep with her landlord for cheaper rent even though he is married. Marriage means nothing to her. She doesnt understand morals not does she have any just another s**t, junkie single mom white trash peice of s**t.

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