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Crystal Rolfe Nanaimo, Washington

First Name : Crystal
Last Name : Rolfe
Gender : F
Age : 29
City : Nanaimo
State : WA
Country : CA
Phone : (250)797-6311
Alias 1 : Amber Kim

This gross used up gutter s**t will bend over for anyone. I mean anyone. She brags about how she sleeps with old men because they buy her things then ghosts them once she has got what she wants. She has only one meth tooth left from the looks of it and her strange shaped head forces her to put a snap chat filter on d**n near every picture. She enjoys b*********y flicks and doesn’t clear out her history before lending her phone… oops. Well at least she rubs to her own kind. She is a walking talking c*m dumpster. She is dirty AF

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