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Corey Joe Baker LaFollette, Tennessee

First Name : Corey Joe
Last Name : Baker
Gender : M
Age : 35
City : LaFollette
State : TN
Country : US
Alias 1 : Joe Baker

Corey Joe Baker, otherwise known as “Joe Baker” is one sick, creepy pedophile! He brags about hooking up with his wife, Emily when she was only 14! Now, Emily is in her 20’s and is stuck raising his kids. She relies on foster kids as babysitters, (for her younger kids), and Joe relies on the foster kids as potential f**k buddies. Joe and Emily only foster female teenagers. Emily is stupid enough to go along with it, because she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome and does whatever her man tells her to do. If a foster kid doesn’t accept Joe putting the hard word on her, Emily says that he and the girl do not get along and that they need to spend more time together, ALONE, so they will learn how to get along.

It would be no surprise if Emily lines up the young girls, like a madam does in a brothel, for her husband to select which ones he wants to f**k (and which ones he doesn’t). And then they keep the foster girls that he fancies. Joe and Emily Baker also get a big paycheck from the state for fostering these kids. So Joe is happy, for he’s filling his wallet, while he’s draining his ball sack!

By the time these foster girls are adults, they will need more state and psychiatric care, because of all of his abuse. These females will permanently be in the system; future criminal white trash!

Joe and Emily’s own children go neglected and hungry, because Joe and Emily are way too busy in Knoxville scamming, sucking, f*****g, and brown-nosing. Their job, PCI-Knoxville really needs to stop husbands/wives and boyfriends/girlfriends from working together at the same place! Because couples don’t work, they scam! Favoritism runs rampant in that company. Plus, these couples fool around with others, like swingers. PCI-Knoxville is turning into one big suck and f**k orgy!

Joe Baker and his boss, David Brown both swapped Katie (the company tattooed s**t) when she was being passed around. Joe and Emily have also been involved in threesomes with their married s**t boss, Elise Brown, because Elise is a dirty w***e and Joe thrives off that nasty behavior. Joe has conditioned his young wife, Emily to be bisexual, so she will be more open and tolerant of his perversion and his massive sexual appetite.

Corey Joe Baker is a loser and a predator who belongs on the s*x offender’s list. The kids in his care also need to be taken away.

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