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Cindy Upston Johnson Corona, California

First Name : Cindy
Last Name : Upston Johnson
Gender : F
Age : 45
City : Corona
State : CA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (714)307-6362
Alias 1 : Cindy Johnson
Alias 2 : Cindy Cox
Alias 3 : Cindy Upston

Cindy Upston Johnson is a married s**t that gets off on sleeping with her friends husbands. She starts out by texting them, then sending nude photos of herself, calling and going psycho when the guys try to break it off. Her nickname is Psycho Cindy.
She went to Brea High then moved to Corona in an attempt to escape her horrible reputation but she is still slutting around.
Grab your boys cuz this w***e likes gang bangs.

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