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Christopher Rossman Poughkeepsie, New York

First Name : Christopher
Last Name : Rossman
Gender : M
Age : 58
City : Poughkeepsie
State : NY
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Chris Rossman
Alias 2 : JABS Rossman
Alias 3 : Christopher A Rossman

Colossal loser STALKER JAILBIRD BANKRUPT UGLY AS F**K INSIDE AND OUT OLD PERVERT ON TINDER dirty old man uneducated harasser with a gang of old men to TRY TO BLACKMAIL and bully you a stalker hardcore a LIAR A PSYCHO LIENS LAWSUITS A JAIL BIRD HES hairy smells bad get tested !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is uncircumsized and picks up woman drunk from bars into p**n a**l s*x abusive heavy sweater smoker on Zoloft and Seroquel a criminal was in jail and mentally institutionalized twice UGHH DIRTEIEST SHORTESTS FATTTEST BALDEST OLDEST PERV EVER A LOSER UGLY UGLY OLD MAN A GOPHER NO TEETH L***O NO HAIR SHORT AS F**K NAPOLEON

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