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Christopher Isaac Marrero, Louisiana

First Name : Christopher
Last Name : Isaac
Gender : M
Age : 28
City : Marrero
State : LA
Country : US
Phone : (504)351-0262

Chris Isaac is a narcissists socialpath who is devious and lies to everyone he meets. He cons women to get whatever he wants and always has 3 or 4 girlfriends at the same time. Chris cheats on everyone he meets and has slept with over 150 escorts. He has multiple stds and has never been treated for any of them. He lies about everything and always has excuses for what he does. Chris has tons of children he does not see or pay child support for. He works at the Sonic in Marrero and the McDonald’s on veterans and cleary. He lives at the ridgefield apartments where he has slept with half the girls in his building. Chris also sleeps with men and has a bad s*x addiction.

One thought on “Christopher Isaac Marrero, Louisiana

  1. Christopher Isaac does not sleep with men or transvestites and does not have a s*x addiction. He does not work at McDonald’s like this post says and he has not slept with 150 escorts. Chris has a kid he sees and works hard for what he has. Yes he may be selfish sometimes but he is a great guy. Stop spreading lies and rumors about him.

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