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Christopher Isaac Marrero, Louisiana

First Name : Christopher
Last Name : Isaac
Gender : M
Age : 29
City : Marrero
State : LA
Country : US

Christopher Isaac a Marrero Louisiana is a liar and massive cheater
He common scams women to get what he wants out of them to take care of him and his daughter. Chris Isaac also gives people STDs and gave one girl in SD she’ll have for the rest of her life. He also has a s*x addiction and sleeps with escorts. Chris always has more than one woman at the same time and doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself he is very selfish. He always says he’s broke when he is not his money just disappears I don’t know where it goes but it just disappears and he never has money to take you out on dates or spend money on you. Christopher Isaac is also wanted. Stay away from this loser he goes on Tango Instagram WhatsApp and other sites trying to hit on women and has been with multiple women at his job at Sonic of Marrero. He lives at the Ridgefield Apartments and always has excuses as to why you can’t come over to his house that’s because other females are there and he doesn’t want you to see he sneaks females out the sliding glass door and the back window so other females won’t know he had females there. Investigate please he keeps condoms everywhere and he’s not very good at hiding things

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