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Christine Paulukonis Girardville, Pennsylvania

First Name : Christine
Last Name : Paulukonis
Gender : F
Age : 39
City : Girardville
State : PA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Chris Paul
Website 1 : click to view website

Christine Paulukonis, of Girardville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

This disgusting person will let men do whatever they want to her and has pursued men that she knew were with someone else. Since her life is such a waste, she gets pleasure out of hurting others and breaking up families.

She is a lowlife, drug addict, w***e who couldn’t even stay away from meth and acid while she was pregnant. She was a LPN but lost her license due to a DUI-controlled substance conviction (she got pulled over on her way home from work!!!) Now she works with the police by providing them information and in return for helping law enforcement, she essentially has police “protection” as she continues to sell drugs herself.

Christine is essentially homeless. The only thing she owns is a s****y car which all her junk is packed into. She “lives” with whoever she is f**king at the moment or in her car. None of this has humbled her though! She has no conscience and will do whatever she wants to get what she wants no matter who she hurts. A major manipulator, having an agenda for everything and anything she does. She lies, steals, rats to the cops and has no shame about anything. She even makes up stories to make herself seem important. You may know the type…she will tell people how she is friends with this person or knows that person but in reality only met them briefly once or twice and that person probably doesn’t even remember who the h**l she is. But she will claim she is ‘tight’ with influential people or anyone she perceives as important. Again, so people think she is more than she is or knows more than she knows. She obviously has low self esteem issues.

She actually thinks she’s a real hot catch. Let’s see… job, no home, heavy drug addict, no self respect, selfish, whores around, sells drugs, basically your typical white trash. That’s a catch I would throw the h**l back!!!

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