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Christina Gerlach Peoria, Illinois

First Name : Christina
Last Name : Gerlach
Gender : F
Age : 45
City : Peoria
State : IL
Country : US
Alias 1 : chrissie

Met her on plenty of fish. I’m a chubby chaser and was open about it. She emailed and then we started texting. We then met for dinner. She had obviously used filters in her pics, I should have known. I’m not sure if she has burn marks and scar tissue or just really bad acne scars. She almost looks like her face has been melted like a candle. She has a really rough attitude, like she’s pissedat the world. She’s a single mom and bitched about that for an hour. She wears very thick glasses, I could not even tell what color her eyes were. But I’m lonely and figured I’d see where things would go. Before we even finished put meal she told me she wanted to suck me off. Uh ok, I’m a guy and not going to turn that down even if she’s b**t ugly. She knows what she’s doing, f**k I loved it. Then the sob stories started- she had money issues, trouble paying rent and a car loan, about to file bankruptcy, she said her dad was going to help her but he ended up sick with diabetes. Against my better judgement I gave her 1409. After that she was constantly on me for grocery money, clothes for her daughter, stuff for her dog, her house, f**k even tanning and electrolisus. The s*x was good. And I was lonely. I have her another 5 grand. Her engine blew in her car and she needed to buy a new one to get to work and back. Things went from bad to worse, she started telling me I was a fat piece of s**t on daily basis. I couldn’t do anything right to please her. She smokes like a f*****g chimney and bitched if I didn’t run to get her cigs fast enough. I will say she’s smart as h**l and fun to be around. I honestly liked her. Then she tells me she’s pregnant. Which I was stunned cause I thought she was too old to have kids. Next thing I know she needs more money to get some me things renovated in her house for the baby. I already had 4 kids of my own but what am I going to do. She got real bad about cleaning – letting garbage pile up, her dogs s**t everywhere, she just did not care. Her car was a f*****g mess of food wrappers and bags and cig butts. She stopped taking baths, stopped shaving and I swear to g*d started to develop a slight beard. Five months into this she tells me she was not pregnant and had her tubes tied years before. So jokes on me, I really did have strong feelings for her, she has the face of a bulldog but a half way decent body and she’s feeling ney as h**l. Next thing I know she throws me out with no warning saying she’s moving on to a new life and having gastric bypass. Honestly I loved her, she broke me.

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