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Chris Routt Dallas, Alabama

First Name : Chris
Last Name : Routt
Gender : M
Age : 37
City : Dallas
State : AL
Country : US

Christopher Michael Routt 1-5-81 is a bipolar junkie & violet alcoholic. He got discharged from military for acting out b/c he bipolar & schizo & sells his meds, not take them. He on every med known to man & still dictated my friend Ashley’s life. She thought she got away & he keep coming back. He call police constantly ‘ they side with him b/c he is vet. He try to move her to Dallas & threaten to have her arrested for theft of things he gave her. He did years in prison in the 90’s. No one likes him. Arrogant, condescending, volatile & unable to function in society. He have 8 moods in an hour with medicine , or more w/o meds. G*d help girls in Dallas Texas that might be dumb enough to date him. Chris preys on vulnerable girls &control every aspect of there life & isolate them from friends & family. .

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