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Chris Isaac Marrero, Louisiana

First Name : Chris
Last Name : Isaac
Gender : M
Age : 29
City : Marrero
State : LA
Country : US
Phone : (504)222-8808

Christopher Isaac is a liar and a cheater. He cons and scams everyone he meets including family to get money and get them to buy him things. Chris always cries broke and said he never has money while he spends money on escorts every week and other women constantly yet he can’t spend a dime on his daughter and doesn’t pay child support or barely even see her. Chris works at several different Sonic on the Westbank and lives at the Ridgefield apartments in Marrero where he has slept with several people in his apartment building. He is unfaithful to everyone he gets with and always has more than one girlfriend at once he goes on chat lines and social media to meet women and also has slept with people he works with on a regular basis. he also has a massive s*x addiction and loves escorts Chris Isaac is a joke and it’s not someone you should know I’m trying to think he doesn’t take you on dates and he just uses people to get what he wants out of them. His number is 5042228808. Stay far away from this dirty boy.

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