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Chioke Duckett Atlanta, Georgia

First Name : Chioke
Last Name : Duckett
Gender : M
Age : 39
City : Atlanta
State : GA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (678)575-6118

He is disgusting – child p*********y is what he is into— he has it all over his computer. He also is a narcissist and so out of touch with reality and believes his drug addiction is normal .. meth isn’t a normal addiction and stop telling people it on prep that’s a crime too

2 thoughts on “Chioke Duckett Atlanta, Georgia

  1. CRAZY is an understatement for this Guy….Thinks he is a gift to the Earth Looks down on anyone that does not measure how grand he thinks he is…including his own family….looks down on his Siblings….. He comes off as well put together and successful ….but Crazy as h**l……Be careful.. Hope you guys are using protection with this one..I lost track of the men!!!!!!!

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