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Chaz Hatfield Morrison, Oklahoma

First Name : Chaz
Last Name : Hatfield
Gender : M
Age : 32
City : Morrison
State : OK
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (540)206-6929
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Chaz is a local business owner. He sells mattresses for a living. He is also a registered s*x offender.

This man is a narcissistic alcoholic cheater. He frequents the Great White Buffalo Tavern in Stillwater.

He had an affair with a married woman who was a customer of his all while being married to his ex wife. He also cheated on his recent ex girlfriend with the same woman he had an affair with. He also broke in mattresses with not 1, but 2 customers. 1st one being his affair and 2nd one being his ex gf. He also knocked up his affair lady but that ended up in an abortion.

If you run into him, don’t fall for his charm, he is more than likely with someone. He is an egomaniac, stalker, and manipulator. Just like all narcissists, he doesn’t like to be called out on his faults. He lies to cover up lies. He is in mad debt so more than likely he is tabbing on a credit card that hasn’t even been paid on.

He gets carried away with his drinking and drives home or to a fling’s place drunk.

Be careful out there ladies.
Look out for this guy. He is bad news.

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