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Charles Forrest Dunlavy Rothschild twentynine palms, California

First Name : Charles Forrest
Last Name : Dunlavy Rothschild
Gender : M
Age : 55
City : twentynine palms
State : CA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Chuck

It would take me hours to tell you so I will just copy my craigslist post for now Trust this man at your own risk! He played the role of the devoted parent I never had for TWENTY YEARS, only to steal my house and land that I PAID for with money I inherited with my inheritance from my REAL father after he already stole my inheritance from my mother before she passed, he also stole over $10k in cash (a loan he desperately needed to save his dog who had cancer that it turns out after all his promises to pay me back ASAP, he never intended to repay me at all) not to mention the jewelry he stole, the jewelry he plucked all the stones out of, the art work, the 5th wheel, the 1500 sq ft of slate tile, the years of paying for his s**t in storage while he sat in prison claiming to be innocent. To call this man a maggot is an insult to maggots. He even stole back the few items he actually gave me of my mothers, for all I know at this point, he may have even killed my mother, he targets older women who for whatever reason no longer have husbands, Oh yes, he is quite funny, very likable, he loves to play the victim in the bullshit tales he tells, even claims to be a Rothschild, lol, he is the only Rothschild in his family (due to his changing his name) he was born Dunlavy, no relation at all whatsoever to the Rothschild’s, Though he claims to be gay, I don’t even think that is true though s*x is not important to him, but your money is! He targets single older women if you see this man around your mother, do a web search, a background check, contact me, whatever you have to do He can walk into someones life and figure out what is missing, what you are looking for and become it, making you believe he understands you like no other, well he REALLY does get you, but he is after whatever you have, or whatever use you can be to him.

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