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Brad Flipse San Diego, California

First Name : Brad
Last Name : Flipse
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : San Diego
State : CA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Nerd
Alias 2 : Limp Dick
Alias 3 : Manwhore of Kihei

Brad Flipse is a s*x addicted narcissist who hires hookers. He has erectile dysfunction and is emotionally retarded. He is the SLUMLORD of San Diego and Kihei. He f***s women right and left and tosses them out like trash. His most recent b***h ho toy Monica Young would drink his p**s. He is a f*****g nerd! Look at him.

One thought on “Brad Flipse San Diego, California

  1. I see this overly tan douche bag at keawakapu all the time. His Jeep will be stolen wen I put my friends in him. Ugly haole w*t a small wee wee.

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