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Annabelle Bonner Laconia, New Hampshire

First Name : Annabelle
Last Name : Bonner
Gender : F
Age : 39
City : Laconia
State : NH
Country : US

I’m going to post this anonymously in hopes for someone somewhere to see this bullshit. I will go out of my way to make sure people know who this C**T is. First of all she is a f*****g w***e. She is not only MARRIED but she has a boyfriend too at the same time that she sleeps with on the side. This w***e, C**T piece of s**t is SEVERELY ABUSIVE and neglectful to her kids. She is constantly putting them in danger. Don’t let me start on all the DRUGS she does on a daily. She does drugs 24/7 around her kids as well. I can only hope people realize this. She is the biggest piece of f*****g s**t ever. Not only that she is trying to sleep with her ex who already is married as well. And she thinks that it’s ok. She is manipulative and lying cuntbag that tries to ruin peoples lives. Gfy…

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