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Andrei Korottchenko Toronto, –

First Name : Andrei
Last Name : Korottchenko
Gender : M
Age : 32
City : Toronto
State : -
Country : CA
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (416)222-1586
Alias 1 : Andrei Korottchenko
Alias 2 : Nick
Alias 3 : Kyle
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

Andrei Korottchenko is a fraudulent lawyer who poses as a legit one, while still maintaining a criminal lifestyle of soliciting prostitution and frequent drug dealings. But the public has started to catch on. Andrei works for a firm on Bay street, but really lives a life of escorts, hookers, prostitutes, cocaine, crack, and ocassional *** with other men, women and transgenders. Andrei Korottchenko is has been dealing drugs on the side of his legal profession and has drug deals abroad and locally. Andrei has been reported to the law society many times in the past. He is known to use women for *** and suffers severe mental illness; which includes; narcissist disorder, and antisocial disorder. Andrei was diagnosed by a psychologist in Toronto, ON. Andrei is a women abuser and frequently women have to file restraining orders, and law suits since he becomes obsessed with their lives and starts to contact their places of work, stalk their lives and defame them all over the internet. Andrei makes defamatorty websites for innocent girls so they can’t pursue their careers. Andrei is a delusional nutcase. Andrei Korottchenko has been stalking her and her life and no one will be able to stop him until he is sued for all of the money he has. Jade isn’t the only victim of Andrei. There is also Sarah, Michelle and Morgan, more female victims to his abuse. Andrei sexually harasses women and forces them to have *** with him because women don’t find him appealing with his pea brain. Andrei has no respect for the court in Canada, believes he is above the law so repetitively harms women. The only way to stop him is to keep filing for law society complaints, restraining orders and law suits against this nut job secret criminal. Andrei can be seen smoking crack cocaine a lot throughout the work week in ally ways. It’s surprising to those around him that he’s never caught. Andrei has had *** with his clients wives, destroyed marriages and released private court records of his clients and non clients all over the internet and to be used as revenge for their ex girlfriends or boyfriends. Andrei has breached the integrity of the law society many times. Andrei also knows not much about the la or legal profession in Canada and therefore, does not do great work. Clients are always complaining. Isaacs and co is one of the lowest rated law firms and was the only one that accepted him when he applied. Andrei uses fake alias names, creates fake email addresses and ages for himself to further target his victims. As far as I know, his last name was Kyle, he was 27 years old. Andrei is a sexual predator from bumble, tinder, zoosk, plenty of fish and match. Walk, Run away from Andrei or else you will be stalked for the rest of your life. According to statements of claims in superior court of Ontario, he has restraining orders and law suits against him for defamation, psychotic stalking and interference with peoples lives. Again, this may stem from his severe mental illness. Any girl who does not treat him like *** will have her life ruined by Andrei Korottchenko. Andrei likes to befriend rapists and other men who abuse women so they can relate on how great it is to use, beat, defame, rape and stalk women. A rotten person eh? Hopefully he gets some much needed mental help, he’s very ill. After forcing girls into s*x he then torments them for the rest of their life until he’s stopped.

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