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Amanda Kirkman Vincennes, Indiana

First Name : Amanda
Last Name : Kirkman
Gender : F
Age : 32
City : Vincennes
State : IN
Country : US
Phone : (812)396-9794

I dated her a while backs . she was always want me to f*ck her an r*pe her she into som crazy s*x sht she good mom an got sht togeter but i jus dont get why a girl want a man to sexualy an physicaly abus them cauz she like it

8 thoughts on “Amanda Kirkman Vincennes, Indiana

    1. That what i be sayin lol . Need more c*m s***s like her if she is what you say. B*tches dont know there place no more. I want to own this s**t.

  1. Thanks for the number im meet her tonight ! Im going to shoot so many loads in her she might explode ? She wants forced ? she aint seen nothin when i surprise her with my buddies . We gone rip all her holes apart. Cant wait ?

  2. Do any of you idiots ever stop to think that some guy who is a b**t hurt sociopath posted this who is lying and saying this girl wants a rape fantasy? To the guy posted “women don’t know their place,” sorry, buddy, but get over it. Women are the ones in college making more money these days, so now desperately emotionally immature men like you are no longer wanted nor needed. Stop being all b**t hurt cuz’ no one wants your a*s. You actually have to compete with men you’ll never be because women can easily do better. I’m reporting this post to the police asap. There are people on here threatening to rape someone. I love how the b**t hurt loser who posted this complains that she was asking “to be abused” when you are the one that is posting this with all her private information and without her consent. You are literally putting someone who is a mother to a small child in danger from men who see her as their property when in fact she is a human being. In fact this woman looks like a child. I’m immediately reporting this for child p*********y. In love how when before these comments get posted, it says “waiting for moderation.” What a joke.

    1. B***h this girl is 34 yers old lol. I met her alongs with my buddies she legal as f**k . Just cause a b***h age good dont be jealous your not getting what she gots lol. She loved every bit of it trust me. She has the marks and tear stains to prove it lol. Go away with your woman power bs your making me sick. Go cook

      1. Haha jus cause she not into the norm an like getting tore up not wrong with that. Needs more like her. Imo If i was close id done owned her a*s. She knows whats it suposed to be like

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