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Alonzo Osby St Paul, Minnesota

First Name : Alonzo
Last Name : Osby
Gender : M
Age : 48
City : St Paul
State : MN
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Lonzo
Alias 2 : Slim Gee

He is a psycho. CLUSTER B ANTI SOCIAL. He seeks white women to live, feed, steal from. He is a meth and heroin needle addict. He practices unsafe s*x and spreads infection and disease. He literally goes from bed to bed. He has no guilt, remorse, regret. No accountability. He was pimping and having s*x with his half sister Angel. He specializes in stealing phones, devices, flat screens, playstations, x boxes, and doesn’t care if he only gets $30 for a locked device you lost $800 on. I reported him to child protection for not only using while he has his young kids, but shoplifted and made his 7 year old daughter take stuff out of the store terrified. He’s disgusting as a human and utterly lacking any manhood or integrity.

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