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Alexander Andro Batavia, Illinois

First Name : Alexander
Last Name : Andro
Gender : M
Age : 24
City : Batavia
State : IL
Country : US
Phone : (708)420-1021
Alias 1 : David-Marchmont Robinson
Alias 2 : Jason
Website 1 : click to view website

Narcissistic sociopath (knows and admits it as well), with a history of being toxic, threatening, abusive, sexist, and violent. He is a trained liar and manipulator and takes pride in that along with avidly studying how to be better at deception and manipulation. Very skilled at putting on a false trusting persona. DO NOT TRUST!!!! He also has plenty of dangerous connections, and is not afraid to use them (even sometimes illegally) for the sake of his own self-preservation.

2 thoughts on “Alexander Andro Batavia, Illinois

  1. I worked with Alexander on a film set and he ended up being super demanding, rude, and just downright horrible to work with on a personal level, even though he does have skill. As for him in regards to relationships, I have seen him yell at, belittle, ridicule, control, and treat his partner at the time like absolute s**t. Poor girl was always too loyal and acted brainwashed under his influence whenever I saw her. Not to mention, seeing him just toss her aside, delete her off social media completely, then post that he’s “married” to some other girl ONLY two months later. F*****g weird doing that, and talk about lacking tact. So I do definitely believe the rest of it as well. Thanks for speaking up whoever posted this.

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