Deshawn M. Benson, Illinois

Deshawn M. Benson 35 years of age lives at 6348 13th St. Apt A12 Berwyn, IL 60402 … Ladies he is a Habitulal Liar and Cheater. Please be aware of him.

Samantha Gines, Amarillo, Texas

Samantha Gines had been talking to my fiancé who is the father of both of our children. Recently she had been trying to make my fiancé leave me so he could live with her & help her take care of her baby since her baby daddy isn’t around. She even wanted him to marry her after only talking to him since November 5, 2017. She had been having sexual intercourse with him out in the parks & secretly picking him up after work to spend time together.

Merina Lucero, Pomona, California

Merina Lucero is a HOMEWRECKER that started sleeping with my husband when she met him through my father. He got him a job. She knew he was married with kids and expecting a baby.

Alicia Angel, Huffman, Texas

Alicia Angel is the worst kind of home wrecker. The type that pretends to be your friend. The type that gets close to your children. The type that makes you feel sorry for her. The type that uses you… and the type that screws your husband while lying to your face about it. The type that when confronted with irrefutable evidence her only excuse was” because I’m a [email protected]#e” we were best friends. Our children were best friends. None of that mattered. I paid for her children’s Christmas because she couldn’t. I paid for her children’s Halloween costumes because she couldn’t. I had her and her children in my home with my family for holidays because she had nowhere else. And she betrayed me. She destroyed our friendship, our children’s friendships, and almost destroyed my marriage of 10 years. Don’t let her near your man or your family because she has nothing but poison. – Terminated My Account!!

Me and my partner’s service got terminated due to an accidental inode overlap. Now I understand that a lot of inodes is bad but, we weren’t over the limit yet. Last time I check we weren’t, unless something happened, which we both weren’t aware of because we were both not online at the time. During… the time we weren’t online you sent about 3 emails complaining about the overuse, in which then immediately afterwards (While we just noticed that there was an overuse we werent aware of), came about the termination of the account.My partner then proceeded, to ask for a backup of the files we had in the server, since you went ahead to terminate our account. I’m fine with the termination, that fine, but to then give us a backup which is 2 WEEKS OLD, 2 WEEKS. Now i’m a developer, I make modifications to files every minute I was online on those servers. I did “ALOT” during those 2 weeks, and now I can’t get that back because of your determination to “act fast” based on assumptions we weren’t aware of. And to top it all off you then ask for $25 for the backup. C’mon guys. Seriously. All in all, I just want my server’s file back, I did excruciating work during those 2 weeks and it was well deserved work. And for you to just crush my sense of accomplishment and terminate it is just cruel. I still believe you guys are good, and you were just acting out based on what you saw, but at the same time, please have a little more patience with customers. I wasn’t even online at time time so I didn’t even have the time to view what the problem was initially till my partner told me. (OR at least a refund

Tanya Florian, Lawton, Oklahoma

She’s in the army. Has zero respect for herself or others. Tanya Florian will have s*x with anything that has a p***s and does not care one bit if that p***s already belongs to someone. (Married, engaged, in a relationship). She gives all other fellow female soldiers a bad rap.